The Global Content Marketing Strategy Collection

The Strategy Collection is a curated selection of blog posts focusing on content marketing strategy. If you follow the series, step by step, you will be able to get a clear idea about how to set-up a global content marketing strategy in your enterprise.

Techniques, examples and best practices are self-explanatories, but you can always contact me for further details. The content has been initially created with a B2B vision in mind, but then has been integrated with lots of B2C cases.

What is Global Content Marketing?

Global/Cross-Regional vs. One-Market Content Marketing Strategy

About the 2 Marketing Disciplines

The ‘Strategy Collection’: Global Content Marketing strategy, step by step

Global Content Marketing Strategy
Global Content Marketing Strategy

Step 1 – Introduction to Content Marketing Strategy: a) Content Marketing: definition (via NewsCred’s Insights blog) – b) Global Content Marketing: definition – c) Three Business Strategy models (PESTLE, Porter, SWAT)  d) Why Content Marketing is NOT a Campaign; e) The Long & the Short of it and the implication for Content and Storytelling

Step 2 – Global & Local: a) Finding the Optimal Balance Between Global and Local; b) Before you go global. Piloting Your Content Marketing Strategy

Step 3 – Branding: a) Hypocrisy and Brand Purpose

Step 4 – Organisation & Editorial Boards: Why your Company needs an Editorial Board to empower its Content Strategy

Step 5 – Understanding your Audience: a) How to Create Personas and Map Content to the Buyer Journey; bThe psychology behind content: how to trigger your users’ behaviour

Step 6 – Content Hub and Content Creation: a) What is and how to select a Content Hub (slides)b)  Why Blogs are still at the Core of your Content Marketing Strategy –  c) The Global Marketer’s Guide to User Generated Content

Step 7 – Visual Design & Psychology: a) Understanding Visual Design b) The psychology behind content: how to trigger your users’ behaviourc) How to Apply Psychology to Design and Content Marketing and Attract New Audience; d) The Psychology of Colors in Content Marketing; e) Slides via Slideshare

Step 8 – MarTech & CMPsSelecting a Content Marketing Platform

Step 9 – Content Distribution and the ‘Big Rock’ Content framework: a) Launching Big Rock content; b) The Thanksgiving Analogy

Step 10 – Content Marketing & PR/Comms Integration: a) How to integrate Public Relations with your Content Marketing Strategy; b) Launching an Internal Communications Strategy

Step 11 – Measuring Performance: a) How to measure content marketing performance  (coming soon) – b) Slides via Slideshare