Trying to collect and list all posts, articles, podcasts, content published in the last few years. (Endless) work in progress.

LinkedIn Articles

NewsCred’s Insights

Content Marketing and Social Media

  • Mentioned as one of the “Top 25 Masters of Multichannel at CMWorld 2017”. Marketing’s best minds tackle intelligent, omni-channel content for the enterprise. Via SimpleATeam. Here.

  • The post I published on NewsCred’s insights  (Hot to Create Personas and Map Content to the Buyer Journey) has now been published by Twitter Business’s blog. Here.

  • Wholesale Ecommerce Websites: Myths and Musts from 50 Merchants, Marketers & Influencers in Online B2B (via Shopify Plus)
  • 8 Questions to Answer Before Launching a Global Content Marketing Strategy (via NewsCred blog)

  • How to Launch a B2B, Cross-Regional, Global Content Marketing Strategy (via NewsCred’s Insights blog)



  • Content Marketing & Sailing: the lesson from North Sails (Blog)
  • Content Marketing is NOT a Campaign (LinkedIn)
  • Content Marketing Strategy in a large B2B enterprise: a guide in 10 Easy Steps (LinkedIn)
  • How to develop a Content Marketing Strategy for a B2B firm (LinkedIn)
  • Content Marketing M&A on the rise in 2016 (LinkedIn)
  • Content Marketing and the “Thanksgiving analogy” (LinkedIn)
  • “Big Rock” marketing content in a nutshell (LinkedIn)
  • Convergence of Brands and Media: 4 industry trends to watch (LinkedIn)
  • Why Blogs are still at the core of your Content Marketing strategy (LinkedIn, Global Business Intelligence)
  • 10 Great Content Marketing blogs (LinkedIn)
  • Content Marketing, Media and Organizations – How 2016 might look like (LinkedIn)
  • Frost & Sullivan Digital Marketing – key findings from B2B marketers. Link is here.


Content Marketing and Social Media (in Dutch)


Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing: the basics (LinkedIn)


Mergers & Acquisitions / Marketing for post-Acquisitions


Marketing and Technologies

  • How Content Marketing and New Technologies are transforming B2B marketing models (LinkedIn)



  • Why Blogs are still at the core of your content marketing strategy (LinkedIn)
  • 10 Great Content Marketing blogs (LinkedIn)