What exactly is Content Marketing?

In the last few months I have been asked many times the question: ok, but what exactly is content marketing? And it’s not just marketers. The question is coming in fact from non-marketers, colleagues, sales pros, even finance folks – just to mention a few. Friends and family included.

I try and answer using different examples; examples that match the area or the specific sector the person asking is familiar with: Amex and Sage for finance pros, GE and Capgemini for Engineers, IoT and Data centres experts,  Airbnb, Red Bull and Lego for friends, daughters and relatives.

But how to explain the difference between Content Marketing and Global Content Marketing? How to explain that what is working for a country doesn’t necessarily work for another, despite we live in a super-globalised world?Sometimes, I get lost.

And so here are two great posts. The first, from Newscred, defines what content marketing is. The second, from my good friend Pam Didner, explains global content marketing and clarifies what the implications of that world – global – are.

Next time someone will ask, I will point to this post.

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