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How Content Marketing Can Transform All Departments Across the Enterprise

“Content is the most critical digital asset for every organization, embodying its knowledge and processes.” This quote is from Microsoft, but it might come from any large enterprise. Content is everywhere; it starts with marketing and shouldn’t stop there. Based on the latest statistics, most successful marketers allocate 40 percent of their budgets to content, and 38 …

Psychology, Design and Content Marketing

My second post about #Psychology, #Design and #ContentMarketing is now live.   After the study of behaviors – Elaboration Likeliwood Model, Fogg Behavior Model – and Cialdini’s principles of persuasion, I investigate here psychology of colors and the impact they have on branding and content marketing across different geographies. The Psychology of Colors in Content Marketing How …

How to set up an Editorial Board for your Content Marketing

If you work for a large enterprise, and you move from a “traditional” marketing model to a content/editorial marketing approach, you need to think about the transformation and the new skillset that your team/division might require. An Editorial Board is at the core of this transformation.  An editorial board defines the full process around the …

About Giuseppe & Content Across Borders

Hi! I am a Global Marketing Executive, Speaker and Writer with +20 years of experience in the fields of B2B and B2C. I’ve achieved an essential place among the 2017 Top 25 Masters of Multichannel Marketing and voted as one of 2016’s Most Influential B2B Marketers by software company Traackr.

Today I am Chief Strategist at Scorch Agency, a leading B2B enterprise content marketing agency; I also privately advise global top brands in financial, technology, industrial and consumer sectors to build effective content marketing strategy; in Italy, I act in partnership with Lifonti & Company, the contemporary communication agency part of The Story Group – Born to tell your Story. Before joining Scorch and The Story Group, I led Content Marketing Advisory Services for NewsCred and I was VP of Content, Social Media and PR strategy at Schneider Electric. My full profile is available on LinkedIn.

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Content Across Borders is my site/blog; here I write about global content marketing and digital marketing transformation. Time to time, I invite content marketing experts and friends as guests.

Vagabonding, Marketing, Tales is my personal blog. The line of separation between personal and professional content is (still) blurred; the long term plan is to make it more neat.

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