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The Sexiest Job of the Century: Data Science and the Rise of “Hybrid Marketing”

It was five years ago, exactly, in October 2012, when Harvard Business Review (HBR) declared “data scientist” to be the sexiest job of the century. HBR told the stories of Jonathan Goldman and D.J. Patil from LinkedIn, and Jeff Hammerbacher from Facebook, among others. They were the ones who coined the original term “data scientist” back …

7 Global Marketing Best Practices in Post-Merger Integrations

There is considerable evidence that many M&As fail. Estimated failure rates goes usually from 60 to 80 per cent. Despite the increased attention on post-merger integration (PMI), dynamics of how two firms’ marketing strategies are integrated have been largely neglected. Considering that M&A activity is predicted to increase as more CEOs use M&A strategies to …

How to Use Global Content Marketing Tactics for Internal Communications

When we talk about content marketing, we share tips and advice on strategy, audience building, distribution, and ROI. We discuss the content we create and who we are targeting, but we rarely do so in the context of internal communications. Whether we work for a large enterprise or a small start-up, internal communication is a critical …

About Giuseppe Caltabiano

I am a Content and Digital Marketing keynote speaker and writer with +20 years of experience in the fields of B2B and B2C: IT, Software, IoT/Data Centers, Industry, Energy, Engineering, Finance.

Today I am Head of Content Marketing Advisory Services at NewsCred, the world’s leading enterprise content marketing company; I also privately advise global top brands in financial, technology, industrial and consumer sectors to build effective content marketing strategy. Before joining NewsCred, I was VP for Marketing Integration at Schneider Electric, with focus on Content, Social Media and PR strategy for the IT & Data Centers division. My full profile is available on LinkedIn.

Content Across Borders is my site/blog; here I write about global content marketing and digital marketing transformation. Vagabonding, Marketing, Tales is my personal blog. The line of separation between personal and professional content is (still) blurred; the plan is to make it more neat.

Meet me

Hi! Here is where you can meet me in person and/or listen to my keynotes or presentations. I will be presenting at the following events:

  • SMXL Search and Social Media Conference, Milan, 13-15 November 2017. I will talk about how to use psychology of design to attract new audience, transforming good into epic content marketing & social media.